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Glorious weather on a glorious day!!

Happy birthday to draco_crescendo and the lovely annephoenix !!

This day is also my birthday, and the weather has been lovely and sunny all day, I  must have been really good this year, because it's been raining cats and dogs for days, but today sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine.
I was woken up this morning by my husband and son, who then sang a birthday song for me. Then I got my present, THIS!! which is awesome.
I also got some very pretty flowers from my in-laws.
I had a short day at work, I went to a meeting in another part of Copenhagen shortly after lunch, the meeting ended at half three, and then I was off.

Must dash now, it's time for ice cream :D

ETA: Thanks to nursedarry for the tulips and melusinahp for the basket of flowers :D
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