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Merry Christmas everyone!

We still haven't got internet at home. I'm at work now after my mini Christmas break.
We went to Jutland for Christmas, apparently our train was the last train to Jutland on the 22nd before the blizzard, so lucky us.
Now don't get me wrong, snow is very pretty, but ... AAARG too much of a good thing and all. My heart goes out to all the people who didn't make it home (or wherever they were headed) for Christmas.

A little update on DiaCon Alley:
Our membership prices are planned to go up on January 21st. However, if we do get a big rush between now and then we might be able to push that date back, thus allowing people the cheaper rate for longer, sound good doesn't it?

The awesome and lovely creatore_magico drew us this amazing Christmas card:

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